Learn more about the various funding options for psychology treatment available here at The SAM Centre.


Private health insurance funds, Government Insurance Schemes, and Medicare rebates can be claimed after your consultation at The SAM Centre using our HICAPS or online claiming systems. 

Invoices for third party funded services (e.g. WorkSafe, TAC, NDIS) can be sent directly to the insurance agent for the rebates to be paid directly to the practitioner. Please note that gap payments might be charged to the claimant on top of third party reimbursement for psychology services. 

For Medicare services that are bulk billed, the rebates are signed over to be directly paid to the practitioner. 

Rebates - Psychology Treatment


You will most likely need “extras” cover on your insurance policy to claim rebates for individual, couple or group, clinical or general psychology services.

Note: The amount reimbursed will differ depending on your Private Health Fund and level of cover, and a gap fee might be charged on top of the rebate.

Private Health Fund Insurance - Psychology Treatment


Whilst private health funds don’t usually require a GP referral or Mental Health Care Plan, these are needed before claiming Medicare rebates for both individual and group services rendered. Rebates will be paid directly into the bank account registered with Medicare via MyGov accounts. 

Below is a list of the Medicare item codes attracting rebates:

  • Better Access/Better Start for Children (Mental Health/Behavioural Disorders)
    • Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS: Generalist Psychologist)
    • Clinical Psychology Services (Clinical Psychologist)
  • Chronic Disease Management (CDM: complex/chronic medical conditions)
  • Non-Directive Pregnancy Support (NDPS: registered psychologists with specific training)
  • Bushfire Victims
  • Rural and Remote Telehealth Services
  • COVID-related Telehealth or in-person Services
  • Couples/family services
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)
  • National Disability Scheme (NDIS)
  • WorkSafe or ComCare
  • Transport and Accident Commission (TAC)
  • Victims of Crime (VOC)

You can claim rebates from Better Access Medicare for a maximum of 10 individual and/or group psychology face to face or via telehealth services per year. You must also review with your treating physician every 4 to 6 sessions.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) items are shared among allied health practitioners for a total of 5 sessions per year. Your GP will decide how many psychology sessions are required under this CDM plan.

Non-directive Pregnancy Support items provide rebates for 3 sessions per year for any pregnancy issues prior, during, or up to 12 months following a pregnancy-related issue. Check out the Medicare schedule of fees for rebates offered for pregnancy-related psychological services.

Note: A gap fee will not be charged for DVA services. Review the DVA schedule of fees for Clinical Psychology and DVA schedule of fees for General Psychology to learn more. 

Please review the following schedule of fees for other treatments:

Employer Assistance Programs - Psychology Treatment


Contact your employer to know if you are eligible for EAP services for any personal or work-related issues. Typically, five sessions will be funded for EAP. The employer will also be charged with the current private fees here at The SAM Centre.