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Built for athletes, high-achievers and gifted individuals, our performance psychology service enhances your passions and drive to succeed by using key principles for people that want to excel, regardless of your age. We create a stimulating environment for you to fully express yourself, so you can focus and work towards your true potential.



Performance psychology is for people who want to personally grow, are driven to excel in one or multiple domains, and want to clarify passion, purpose, self-concept, or career path.

We work with recreational, elite or professional athletes, performers, executives, gifted and talented students, or students aiming to perform well in their academic endeavours. We also encourage collaboration with relevant sporting organisations, coaches, businesses, schools, or teachers to achieve performance goals.

Our practitioners can help you whether you’re striving to be the best version of yourself or be the best in your area of passion. We prioritise a well-rounded, self-concept, balanced lifestyle, and the pursuit of happiness, using strength-based approaches for high performance.

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Contact us to start the intake process to match you with the best practitioner for your needs. Enquire at your sporting organisation or workplace to see whether they will fund performance-oriented sessions, otherwise, contact The SAM Centre front desk team directly to make a booking.

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