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Achieve greater wellbeing with the help of our mental health practitioners.

MEntal Health treatment

Our mental health psychologists are here to assist you to achieve stability in mental health, maintaining a sense of wellbeing and preventing mental health crises. They are able to help identify and manage triggers to mental health relapses.

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Mental Health Psychology can help a range of people and isn’t restricted to those who are currently in crisis. This area of treatment can also assist those who are seeking stability and are wanting to maintain their mental health with the aim of creating a full and happy life.

Through our triage process we will match you up with the best practitioner for your mental health presentation. We have a range of practitioners trained in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities that have been shown to be effective with a range of mental health presentations.

We can also offer co-junct services if your presentation would benefit most from treatment with multiple practitioners with differing treatment approaches. With your consent, we liaise with other relevant health practitioners to provide a collaborative approach to your care.  

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    Referrals are not necessary, though they are only needed for any third-party rebate claims, with the exception of private health. This entails visiting your GP for mental health assessment. GP referral needs to be brought to the initial appointment or faxed or emailed directly from your GP clinic to our front desk team. Contact us to start the intake process to match you with the best practitioner.

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