Our clinical health psychologists are here to help you to live as well as you can, empowering you to live actively and confidently while striving towards your goals.


We are here to assist with the transition from pre-illness to post-illness, ensuring that you stay mentally well during all stages of the process, while learning to live well with a medical condition. Our practitioners can help you to prepare for surgery, degenerations or other medical conditions.



Our clinical health psychologists can help anyone who has recently incurred serious injury or illness, is confronted with a chronic, degenerative or terminal health condition, or has complex conditions or multiple medical conditions or injuries. Our practitioners can also assist in managing any associated anxiety which may occur, including clients who are anxious about surgery.

We provide a safe non-judgmental space to talk about the difficulties associated with your medical condition. We have practitioners trained in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities that have been shown to be effective with a variety of health presentations.

Multidisciplinary care is the most effective treatment approach for complex medical conditions. So, with prior consent, we will liaise with your health practitioner team to provide collaborative care.

Clinical Supervision & Mentoring


Referrals are not necessary, though they are needed for any third-party rebate claims, with Medicare offering specific rebate codes for complex medical conditions for allied health services and coordinated multidisciplinary care. 

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Our clinical health psychologists

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