Child and Adolescent Psychology

At The SAM Centre, we have a range of psychologists who understand and enjoy working with children and adolescents and provide a friendly, safe, collaborative space for children and parents.

Child AND adolescent services


Our practitioners are able to help children and adolescents with a wide range of presentations, including study or sport performance, grief or trauma, neuro-diversity, or clinical acute presentations. We see the client as parent-child and aim to empower parents to learn healthy ways of relating to the child to facilitate their progress.

How can our psychologists help?


Our psychologists work from a strength-based approach to empower children to succeed in life by learning adaptive coping skills to set themselves up for the future, no matter what area they may be in.

We do this by looking at the child, their endeavours, their interests, and their specific concerns in collaboration with parents, teachers and coaches. In the assessment phase with the child or adolescent, we will invite either one or both of the parents in for either the beginning or end portion of the assessment sessions or to co-facilitate any specific interventions with the child while at home.  

    Clinical Supervision & Mentoring

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    Our staff will go through our triage process with one of the parents/guardians to match a young client with a psychologist who has worked with children and has a similar interest area. We aim to obtain the consent of both parents if possible before working with any children or adolescents. If they have any prior assessment or reports that may be useful in the assessment of the child/adolescent these can be collected prior to the initial appointment.

    The SAM Centre operates in a child-friendly and child safe environment and is bound by Child Safety Standard (2022). All our practitioners and staff, (regardless of whether they work with children or not), are obliged to show proof of a current Working with Children Certificate before commencing work at The SAM Centre.

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