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welcome to the sam centre

 The SAM Centre is a private psychology practice that works with clients to help them achieve their full potential. Whether your focus is performance or professional excellence, your mental health, wellbeing or your lifestyle, we have specialists to empower you to live with vitality as potential becomes reality. Our experienced practitioners specialise in a range of areas, including performance psychology, mental health, child and adolescent psychology and health psychology. Our team of provisional psychologists (‘interns’) provide affordable, evidence-based care, under the guidance of our regular AHPRA-endorsed supervisors.

If you’re ready to start living with vitality and maximise your potential, call us today to be matched up with the perfect practitioner to suit your needs.

Our Services

We offer a range of individual wellbeing and psychology services, helping you achieve a functioning lifestyle with optimal health.

mental health treatment

Our mental health psychologists are here to assist you to achieve stability in mental health, maintaining a sense of wellbeing and preventing mental health crises.

child & Adolescent psychology

Our practitioners are able to help children and adolescents with study or sports performance, grief, trauma, neurodiversity, or clinical acute presentations.

clinical health psychology

Get help if you have recently experienced serious injury or illness, are confronted with a chronic, degenerative or terminal health condition, or have complex, or multiple medical conditions or injuries. Manage any associated anxiety which may occur.

Performance psychology

Performance psychology is for people who want to personally grow, are driven to excel, and want to clarify passion, purpose, or career path. We work with recreational, elite or professional athletes, performers, executives, or gifted and talented students.

At our psychology clinic, we offer mental health, wellbeing services and professional services including:

  • Evidence-based individual treatments
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Health Psychology
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology
  • Counselling and Coaching
  • Professional Supervision or Mentoring
  • Private Practice or Business Coaching

Why Choose Our Psychology Clinic

At The SAM Centre, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of care possible. We have experienced practitioners who are always ready to help you nurture your mind and achieve your goals.

Why choose our psychology clinic


Unwind and relax from the stresses of everyday life while getting the help you need here at our psychology clinic. 

The SAM Centre is a serene space that welcomes individuals, couples, families, children, teenagers, elite athletes and groups with a range of wellbeing, mental health or performance concerns.

Why Choose Us

Serene and welcoming space

Easy on-site and off-site parking

Secure telephone and video conferencing consultations

Individually tailored, evidence-based interventions to suit your needs

On the spot HICAPS and rebate facilities

20% concession discount to full-time students, unemployed or health care cardholders

10% discount to sponsored teams and organisations


Our Team

Our team of registered psychologists have a wealth of experience and a range of skills tailored to your needs.

Our practitioners are also AHPRA endorsed in their speciality areas, and are Fellows of APS Colleges in Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, and Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Our team of provisional psychologists (“interns”) provide affordable, evidence-based care, under the guidance of our regular AHPRA endorsed supervisors.

Living With Vitality As Potential Becomes Reality

Seek, arrive and maximise your path to optimal wellbeing through specialised individual support today.