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Dr Samantha McLeod

Dr. Samantha McLeod

Director / Clinical Health and Sport & Exercise Psychologist
Positive and Happiness Psychology
Bachelor of Science (Psych.)
Grad.Dip.Bhv.Std.Hlth.Care (Health and Sport Psych.)
Master of Education. (Gifted Ed.)
Ph.D (Health and Sport Psych.)

Dr Samantha McLeod is the director of The SAM Centre.

Samantha's clinical work spreads across several domains including, private practice, organization/club consultancy, academic guest lecturing, and group education and workshops. According to her clients, Samantha tends to work in a direct, “down to earth” manner, but this is balanced by much compassion and humour. Although, she was specifically trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, she combines a wide range of treatment methods to ensure each client's needs are best met.

How Can Dr Samantha McLeod Help?

Samantha "thrives on" and specialises in delivering evidence-based individual or group interventions that help young people and adults achieve optimal health, well-being and performance outcomes. Samantha is an experienced CBT practitioner, particularly in the areas of PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, and a range of complex or chronic illnesses or lifestyle issues, such as healthy weight management, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, diabetes, pregnancy related depression, injury rehabilitation, drug and alcohol problems and terminal conditions.

Who Can Dr Samantha McLeod Help?

School-aged children, adolescents and adults presented with everyday lifestyle challenges or mental health issues.

Gifted and talented people, with both, clinical and performance issues. Performers such as students, athletes, managers, staff, dancers, actors, artists, surgeons, musicians, and parents can all benefit from her electric and enthusiastic approach.

Professional Registrations

Registered practising psychologist and provider:
  • Psychology Board of Australia (via AHPRA) – with endorsements in the areas of Health Psychology and Sport and Exercise Psychology.
  • Major private health funds, Medicare, the Transport and Accident Commission (TAC), and WorkSafe.
  • Network provider for provision of clinical psychology services with the Victorian Institute of Sport.

Professional Memberships

  • Full member of Australian Psychological Society (APS) – College of Health Psychologists (COHP), and the College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists (COSEP).
  • Full member of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
  • Full member of the International Sport Psychology Society (ISSP)
  • Member of Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society (OPATS)
  • Member of RECONNEXIONS, a specialised organisation, which assists people to withdraw from prescribed medication, such as tranquilizers and sleeping tablets and in the treatment of panic, anxiety and mood disorders.
  • Member of The Centre of Clinical Excellence


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