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A variety of experienced and highly skilled psychologists consult at The SAM Centre, including Clinical Health Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists.

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Dr Samantha McLeod
Dr. Samantha McLeod
Director / Clinical Health and Sport & Exercise Psychologist
• Mental Health & Wellbeing Counselling
• Clinical Health Psychology
• Life & Health Coaching
• Sports, Exercise & Performance Psychology
• Counselling for Gifted & Talented Students or Adults

Dr Samantha McLeod is the director of The SAM Centre. Samantha's clinical work spreads across several domains including, private practice, organization/club consultancy, academic guest lecturing, and group education and workshops. According to her clients, Samantha tends to work in a direct, “down to earth” manner, but this is balanced by much compassion and humour.

Sandra Boughton
Dr Sandra Boughton
Clinical Psychologist
• Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Diploma of Psychology (Clinical)
Diploma of Mental Health Sciences (Clinical Hypnosis)
Master of Family Therapy
PhD (Depression and relationships)

Sandra enjoys her work at the SAM Centre after many years as a clinical psychologist in a range of public and private health settings in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. She is an experienced clinician with considerable training and expertise in helping adolescents and adults deal with depression, anxiety, trauma and mental illness.

Emma Wall
Emma Hall
Sport & Performance Psychologist
• Bachelor of Art/Science (Hons)
• Masters of Applied Psychology (Sport)

Emma has been practicing psychology since 2003. She is a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society, and the College of Sport Psychologists. Having completed a Masters in Applied Psychology at Victoria University in 2002, she accepted a two year position in the Performance Psychology Department at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.  More
Maria Chloros
Maria Chloros
Health Psychologist
• Bachelor of Science(Psychology)
• Graduate Diploma of Counselling Psychology
• Masters of Psychology (Health)

Maria is a health psychologist with a passion for empowering individuals of all ages who seek assistance for difficulties with; depression, anxiety, sleep, lifestyle imbalances, adjusting to chronic illness, relationship difficulties, stress management, high sensitivity, self-esteem, assertiveness and work issues. Her treatment approach is holistic, warm, energetic and accessible aswell as being evidence-based. More

Coaching & Counselling

Gwenda Cannard
Gwenda Cannard
Meditation & Relaxation Teacher / Life Coach
• Certificate IV Life Coaching
• Graduate Diploma Social Science
• Diploma Primary Teaching
• Certificate of Nursing

Gwenda is a firm believer in the value of relaxation and meditation to help us to enjoy life more; to nourish self awareness and self acceptance; to overcome irritation, anger and anxiety; to improve sleep and concentration; and to contribute towards inner strength, calm and a peaceful approach to life.

Gwenda has a long interest in the study and practice of meditation including yoga, Buddhism and secular meditation...  More

Heather Bunting
Heather Bunting
Individual, Couples and Family Counselling
Heather is passionate about working with children and adolescents and also working with the child's larger circle, the family. She is a warm and compassionate counsellor who is passionate about the individual's capacity for regrowth, growth, and change. She works with clients to get to the heart of unhappiness and/or what gets in the way of unlocking potential. More


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