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Our Vision

The Sam Centre was established in 2009 with the vision to provide clients with a serene and peaceful space to achieve optimal well-being and health.


About Our Centre

Dr Samantha McLeod (director and founder) has created a centre with a serene atmosphere that is warm, inviting and welcoming. The spacious and light-filled rooms are decorated with modern furnishings giving the centre a peaceful ambience.

With high ceilings, period features, lead-light windows and fireplace this centre is beautifully presented and offers clients a unique and stylish space to deal with both the challenges and pressures of everyday life.

Want A Healthy, Active and Forfilling Lifestyle?
Our team of Psychologists at the SAM Centre, can help you get through the physical or mental issues that are holding you back in life.

Call us for an appointment today and get your life back on track.

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 Group Programs
Manage Your Feelings
Troubled by Anxiety, Depression, Anger or Guilt? Learn to manage your emotions..

Relaxation Group
Reduce Your Anxiety & Stress with Relaxation Techniques..

Learn To Meditate
Calm the Mind, Relax the Body..